WATCH: SNL BRUTALLY Mocks The Kushner/Bannon Feud In HILARIOUS Reality Show Spoof

Saturday Night Live is back with new episodes, and this week’s cold open did not disappoint. As the iconic show went live coast-to-coast for the first time in history, they went all in on the incompetence of The Donald’s reality show “presidency.”  Alec Baldwin returned as the reliably buffoonish Trump, and Jimmy Fallon played the notoriously silent son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kusher. To round off the spoof, the Grim Reaper returned as the newly diminished Steve Bannon. There was even a cameo by “Mike Pence,” played by Beck Bennett, where the show ruthlessly mocked reports that Pence actually calls his wife “mother.”

In the spoof, Baldwin’s Trump is doing a reality-show style elimination round to finally end the Kushner vs. Bannon feud that has been irritating him and amusing the rest of us for weeks now. He starts out by saying that he is holding a photo of each adviser, and only one will get to stay. “Trump” praises “Kushner” for being photogenic, while telling “Bannon” that pictures of him make him want to puke. In the end, Kushner is chosen, and another Grim Reaper-like figure comes to take “Bannon” to hell. After that, SNL kicked off what is sure to be a successful “President Kushner” narrative, as they have “Trump” tell “Kushner” to sit at the president’s desk in the Oval Office, while “Trump” himself returns to the child’s desk to play with his toys, just as he did in previous episodes with “President Bannon.”

All in all, SNL outdid themselves with this one. There are no words to describe how funny this is.

Watch below for the most hilarious few minutes of your evening:

Featured image via video screen capture