WATCH: Army Vet WRECKS Trump – Here’s the REAL Reason He Gave Generals More Control Over Bombing

Trump was supposed to be a non-interventionist, but, allegedly as soon as he saw videos of poisoned children on cable news (the same children he doesn’t want coming here because other videos that were edited showed him that refugees were all big, burly, 20-something men and not mothers and children), he decided we had to intervene in Syria. And he attacked. Then he attacked Afghanistan with the biggest bomb we have.

Then he was lauded for both moves, and also lauded for giving more control over this kind of thing to his generals. But Army vet Jason Kander, speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” has hit the nail on the head for why Trump really gave that control to his generals:

“I believe he wants to take credit for good things when they happen, and blame generals when bad things happen.”

Kander also explained that there were only two acceptable answers to why Trump would make such a move: He’s the commander-in-chief, and he also needs to defend the reasoning behind why a commander on the ground actually made the decision to bomb Afghanistan with the biggest one we’ve got.

Had the MOAB failed to do anything at all, Trump would definitely have blamed the general who actually authorized dropping it. Kander backed his position up by explaining how Trump blamed the generals who were in charge of the failed Yemen raid, where we lost Navy SEAL Ryan Owens. Instead of saying, “We lost him,” Trump said, “The generals lost him.” Kander also used Trump’s own pseudo-explanation of whether he authorized the MOAB drop to back that truth bomb up:

“If you think back to when he was asked whether or not he approved the dropping of the MOAB in Afghanistan, his answer was something along the lines of, it started with ‘Uh,’ and then it went from ‘Uh,’ to ‘Everybody knew exactly what was going on,’ which was, of course, the opposite of true. I mean, he was giving that answer because he didn’t want people to know exactly whether he approved it or not.”

Trump won’t take responsibility for failures, even military ones.

Watch Kander savage Trump over it below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video