Trump Celebrates Easter By Bitching About Protests Demanding His Tax Returns And Gets POUNDED For It

Rather than just wish America a happy Easter and move on, Donald Trump spent Sunday morning whining about the Tax March protesters.

Tax season gave Americans across the country the perfect opportunity to target Trump and his refusal to release his tax returns.

During the campaign, Trump promised he would release his returns after the election but quickly rescinded that promise because it’s clear his tax returns include many things he wants to hide, including his ties to Russia.

So protests broke out over the weekend demanding that Trump finally release his taxes.

His response was to complain about how he shouldn’t have to release his taxes since he “won” the Electoral College. Of course, you won’t hear Trump talk about the popular vote since he lost that by 3 million votes.

Trump then accused the protesters of being paid to organize against him.

Seriously, Trump will apparently say or do anything to ignore the fact that people really do hate him and want him impeached.

His constant response to people protesting him is to brag about the election even though he colluded with the Russians to win.

At this point, it’s surprising that the American people haven’t marched to the White House and dragged Trump kicking and screaming out of office.

But instead, they mocked him repeatedly on Twitter.

Donald Trump is a coward and a liar. He refuses to release his taxes because he has something to hide that would surely get him impeached. Frankly, he should be impeached now just for refusing to release them.

Featured Image: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images