Trump Has NEVER Looked So Incompetent; His China Adviser Was Literally Found On Amazon (DETAILS)

With every new detail revealing itself about Donald Trump’s administration, the humiliation that America is enduring is getting harder and harder to stomach. We have never seen an administration fail so hard from the start, and just when it seems it can get no worse, Trump sets a new precedent. The latest detail in Trump’s White House will have Americans more disappointed than ever before.

Apparently, the morons in the Trump administration are so incompetent and lazy, they aren’t even able to choose top officials correctly. Vanity Fair just reported a VERY disturbing detail about Trump’s China adviser, who was sought out by the POTUS’ son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner chose this adviser not by interviewing experts, like a normal person — Kushner found Trump’s China adviser by searching Amazon. Vanity Fair wrote:

At one point during the campaign, when Trump wanted to speak more substantively about China, he gave Kushner a summary of his views and then asked him to do some research. Kushner simply went on Amazon, where he was struck by the title of one book, Death by China, co-authored by Peter Navarro. He cold-called Navarro, a well-known trade-deficit hawk, who agreed to join the team as an economic adviser. (When he joined, Navarro was in fact the campaign’s only economic adviser.) Kushner operated in much the same way when it came to crafting Trump’s tax plan—calling up someone for help out of the blue. Given the initial absence of pros who could do the job properly, he also tried his hand at writing speeches. Responding to criticism from the boss (“Jared, this is terrible!”), Kushner said, according to a person familiar with the episode, “I’m not a fucking speechwriter. I am a real-estate guy.”

The idiocy being displayed here is mind boggling. Kushner, who at least has the sense to admit that he’s way out of his league and he’s just “a real-estate guy”, is the person Trump has put in charge of basically everything. The same man that’s looking for advisers on Amazon.

Let’s not forget that this idiot is the man in charge of bringing peace to the Middle East. With this amount of incompetency in the White House, it will be a miracle if the United States can get through Trump’s presidency without a major crisis, although we’re already getting pretty close to one after Trump’s attack on Syria and Afghanistan, and his inflammatory comments toward China and North Korea.

If anyone thought that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were going to being the check and balance for Trump, this report certainly crushes that hope. Even the most level headed people in Trump’s administration are dangerously ill-equipped.

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty Images