REPORT: Trump Still Seething Like A Child Because Bannon Gets More Attention Than He Does (DETAILS)

We all remember how, in February, TIME Magazine ran a cover with the face of Stephen K. Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, on it instead of the face of Trump himself. Of course, Trump’s massive ego doesn’t allow one iota of attention to go to anyone else, so this definitely got under his skin. However, that was a long time ago, and one would think that Trump is over that little irritation, right? Wrong. New reporting suggests that here we are in April, months after TIME ran the Bannon cover, and Trump is still irritated over it.

The Hill reports that a New York Times cover says the following of how Trump feels about the Bannon cover, and his employees in general getting more attention than he does:

“Mr. Trump remains annoyed by a February cover of Time magazine labeling Mr. Bannon ‘The Great Manipulator,’ telling one visitor this month, ‘That doesn’t just happen’ — a favored Trump expression for anger at subordinates who tend to their interests ahead of his.”

It probably doesn’t help that this particular issue of TIME definitely added fuel to the fire on the “President Bannon” meme, which suggests that it is really Steve Bannon who is pulling the strings in the West Wing, and that Trump is just a puppet. This may have been true at the time; however, Bannon’s power and influence in the West Wing has been greatly diminished as of late. He may even be on his way out of the White House altogether. Here is the cover that has gotten under Trump’s oh so thin skin:

If Trump is indeed still seething about the Bannon cover and the “President Bannon” narrative, indeed this is good for the country, as petty as it is. After all, anything that hastens the exit of the head white supremacist from the White House should be A-OK with any reasonable American citizen.

Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images