Donald Trump Jr Tweets Unintentionally Humiliating Photo, Blocks People Who Mock Him

Donald Trump Jr gets more from his dad than just his name, of all the Trump kids, Don seems to be most obsessed with appearing macho. Unfortunately, it never works out for him. And even worse, when he faces the inevitable mockery for his hamfisted attempts to appear tough, his first response is to hide.

Twitter got to see a perfect example of this on Saturday, after Don Jr. thought he’d take a dig at the “mainstream media” and walked right into a pretty hilarious self-own. Donald Trump Jr., hot off of tweeting that his critics were “triggered,” got triggered himself after posting this tweet onto his social media account:

Any normal person would look at this picture and go “please delete this and never show it to another human being.” Everything about it was sad. The weird thumbs up. The pained expression on his face that was presumably supposed to signal toughness. The shirt… oh god, the shirt. Instead of deleting the photo in shame, Don tweeted it with an equally embarrassing caption.

Playing into his father’s rabid base of right-wing fanatics, Don promised to send “10,000” shirts reading “Very Fake News” to his “friends” in the mainstream media. Like the rest of the Trump family, Don hates the media because they have repeatedly debunked Trump’s lies. Don has retreated into his own conservative bubble, recently praising a pro-rape white nationalist blogger named Mike Cernovich, suggesting the conspiracy theorist deserves a Pulitzer.

But Don couldn’t take it after he dished it. Soon after tweeting, he started facing relentless mockery.

Donald Trump Jr doesn’t handle getting made fun of well. The last message in particular must have stung, because he blocked Andy Lassner, which Lassner discovered when he tried to go to Don’s Twitter page.

Donald Trump Jr is obsessed with blocking people who make fun of him, while still pretending he’s a tough guy.

Unfortunately he may have inadvertently started a movement. People are now actively trying to burn Don so bad that he blocks them, too.

I think it’s safe to say that Donald Trump Jr spent this Easter weekend, to use his phrase, extremely triggered.

Featured image via Twitter