Librarians Just HUMILIATED Ivanka Trump For Blatant Hypocrisy And It Was Beautiful

Donald Trump’s daughter posted a hypocritical tweet in support of libraries. And librarians threw the book at her.

It’s National Library Week, so of course, Ivanka Trump chose to tout it in yet another demonstration of her hypocrisy.

You see, Ivanka is complicit in her father’s administration. Despite tweeting in support of women, she failed to stop her daddy from attacking equal pay for women, women’s healthcare, and reproductive rights.

She has even posted photos of herself at the zoo with elephants despite her brothers killing elephants for trophies and her dad being an enemy of the very environmental protections all animals need to survive.

And she did it again on Thursday by posting in support of libraries.

But there’s a problem. Donald Trump’s 2018 budget would totally eliminate funding to the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In fact, local libraries in small and large communities across the country directly benefit from this funding because nearly all of it is used to provide state and local grants to libraries to keep them funded and up to date.

And it didn’t take long for librarians and library organizations to to point out her hypocrisy.

If Ivanka Trump truly supports libraries, she’ll convince her dad to fund them instead of asking him to drop bombs on other countries, especially since every bomb dropped represents millions of dollars that could have been spent improving our own nation.

Featured Image: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images