Jake Tapper STUNNED By Trump’s Stupidity, SHREDS His Denial Of Global Warming (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump has an extremely hard time accepting, it’s evidence and facts. It doesn’t matter how much proven, scientifically backed data you put in front of the undeserving POTUS – his first impulse is to whine about how biased and dishonest the information is, even when it comes to something as serious and common sense as climate change.

On Friday, CNN’s Jake Tapper tore Trump a new one by making fun of his denial of what is happening to our environment. In a segment on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Tapper mocked Trump for previously calling global warming “a hoax invented by the Chinese.”

As Tapper spoke about coral bleaching and the effects that the rising temperatures have had on the Great Barrier Reef, Tapper stated that coral bleaching was “proof that climate change, at least partially man made, is destroying the planet,” noting that “once-colorful coral reefs off the coast of Australia are now being bleached white.”

Then Tapper made sure that no one forgot that the current President of the United States is an absolute moron. Perfectly explaining why Trump’s climate change denial is devastating, Tapper said:

“This news comes at a time at a time President Trump has proposed cutting billions of dollars from programs to study and help combat the effects of climate change—which in the past he’s called a ‘Chinese hoax.’ It is, of course, not a Chinese hoax.”

It’s seriously depressing to know that the man in the White House has called climate change a hoax. At a time when we cannot trust our President to make decent decisions on behalf of our country (let alone the planet), we’re lucky to have reporters like Tapper reminding us that denying facts has serious consequences. You can watch Tapper take Trump to the woodshed below:

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