Trump HUMILIATED As China Roasts Him For Being An ‘Ignorant Child’ (DETAILS)

While Donald Trump is desperately trying to get the respect, and if not the respect, the attention through military might, of the media and the world, Chinese media is noticing. They think he’s a joke.

China hasn’t been a fan of Trump since he first stepped into politics. He’s a “big mouthed clown.”

In an editorial published this week, China’s state-owned Global Times newspaper condemns the billionaire candidate as “big-mouthed” and “abusively forthright.”

The Global Times claims Trump was initially supposed to “act as a clown to attract more voters for GOP.” Instead, it goes on to imply that the Republican party lost control of Trump — who has now become the party’s worst nightmare.

Source: CNN

They called his election a “democracy malfunction.”

He’s Mussolini or Hitler:

“The rise of a racist in the US political area worries the whole world,” the party-controlled Global Times crowed this week ahead of of Trump’s victory in the latest round of primaries. “He has even been called another Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler by some western media.”

It added, darkly: “Mussolini and Hitler came to power through elections, a heavy lesson for western democracy.”

Source: The Guardian

They mocked Trump’s spelling:

On Sunday, the Chinese Communist Party–linked Global Times newspaper questioned Trump’s response in an editorial and highlighted his misspelling in the headline: “‘Unpresidented’ Trump adds fuel to fire.”

“He seemed emotionally upset, but no one knows what he wanted to say,” read the article. “Trump is not behaving as a President who will become master of the White House in a month.”

Source: Time

The Communist paper, the Global Times, called him “ignorant as a child.”

“Many people might be surprised at how the new U.S. leader is truly a ‘businessman’ through-and-through,” the paper said, referring to Trump’s suggestion of using the “one China” policy as a bargaining chip. “But in the field of diplomacy, he is as ignorant as a child.”

Source: Huffington Post

After his complete 180 in regards to China being a currency manipulator, and Trump’s attack on Syria, Chinese media really let him have it.

Their most frightening response, and perhaps their most precient, was applauding Trump’s Syria attack, saying that it will mire the United States in the Middle East:

“If the United States gets trapped in Syria, how can Trump make America great again? As a result, China will be able to achieve its peaceful rise,” Mr. Shen said, using a term Beijing employs to characterize its growing power. “Even though we say we oppose the bombing, deep in our hearts we are happy.”

Source: New York Times

Let that sink in for a while. It was the exact same plan Osama bin Laden had for us. It almost worked.

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