Is Nothing Sacred? Ivanka Trump’s Passover Family Photo Has Been Exposed As A Fake

There are big scandals – like Trump’s ties to Russia, his repeated flaunting of conflict of interest violations, the nepotism – and then there are small ones. It’s the small ones that are most disturbing because of how completely avoidable they are. The Trump family just assumes you’re too stupid to notice.

Here’s a particularly galling example:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump released a family photo during Passover. That, in and of itself, wouldn’t be newsworthy except for the fact that it was a much-needed break from the Trump administration’s repugnant treatment of the Jewish community. Kushner’s Jewish faith is extremely important to Trump because his staff is rife with anti-Semitic thinkers.

Trump’s advisor Steve Bannon is a life-long anti-Semite, whose own wife once said he refused to allow his daughters to attend a school with Jewish kids. Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer went on a nonsensical Holocaust denial rant and only apologized hours later when the nation of Israel openly said he needed to resign. Trump’s inner circle includes a guy who pledged an oath of loyalty to a pro-fascist Nazi-allied group. In the middle of all of this, Trump no-showed on a Passover seder dinner the White House hosted.

So a photograph of Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, two key members of his team, celebrating a Jewish holiday might send a positive message to the country. However, like clockwork, even Kushner’s Passover family photo quickly turned into something offensive.

It turns out that the photo was not, in fact, taken during his Passover celebration. It is an old photo taken on what seems like the Sunday after the inauguration. CNN’s Betsy Klein noticed that fact when she realized the entire Trump clan was wearing the same outfits they were photographed in during services at the National Cathedral.

Just so incredibly lazy. And unfortunately, that’s the message they are sending.

Featured image via Twitter