WATCH: Trump’s Attorney Flat-Out ADMITS Trump Admin Just Too Intellectually Lazy To Study Facts

Trump’s Syrian policy is all over the place, to the point where The Economist actually published a story saying, “Wanted: a coherent Syria policy.” Trump’s position was “let Syria handle its own problems,” right up until Assad dropped sarin gas on his people. It wasn’t until the images of poisoned children started coming in that he decided we needed to respond. Why?

Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, appeared on CNN with Chris Cuomo to discuss President Flip-Flop’s new Syria policy. Cuomo asked why Trump would shift from a hands-off-Syria policy to an intervene-now policy, and Cohen’s response was downright frightening:

“When we were watching, whether it was here on CNN or any of the other stations, the Syrian refugees that were leaving, they weren’t the young. They weren’t the aged. They weren’t women. They were all these 19 to 25-year-old men that when they were walking to these makeshift homes in Germany that they put up for them, it looked like a military operation.”

Cuomo responded by saying that those videos were selective, and the numbers and facts painted a very different picture of the refugees coming out of Syria. “Yes, you have young men, but those refugees are the same people that the president is saying he cares so much about.”

Cuomo is referring to the sheer hypocrisy of this administration’s current Syria policy: Assad is gassed his own people, including women and children, but Trump doesn’t want to accept the refugees Assad’s regime creates. Unfortunately, that didn’t sway Cohen, who doubled down on the idea that misleading videos are more reliable than data and facts:

CUOMO: Yeah, the question is, why were people picking those videos? Was it misleading? The data would say yes.

COHEN: But maybe it wasn’t misleading. Maybe it was more of the reality, what was going on.

CUOMO: No, but the numbers, Michael, say it’s not the reality.

COHEN: Again, I don’t want to start talking about numbers. Numbers have not proven to suit me well.

And there it is: Cohen and Trump and probably a large chunk of the entire administration is too intellectually lazy to try and understand facts and data.

Watch the full exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video