Chelsea Clinton Has A Little Advice For Sean Spicer After He Defends Hitler

White House Secretary Sean Spicer decided to rewrite history on Tuesday, arguing that Adolf Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy after all because he didn’t use chemical weapons like Assad. While most of us were facepalming and shouting “gas chambers,” Chelsea Clinton stepped forward with a classy tweet offering Spicey a little advice.

“I hope @PressSec takes time to visit @HolocaustMuseum,” the former first daughter tweeted this afternoon. “It’s a few blocks away,” she added helpfully.

Spicer made his humiliating comments on Tuesday, which also happens to be the day Jews are celebrating the Passover seder. He was trying to convince the world that Donald Trump was right to bomb Syria but only ended up proving that he’s a total idiot.

When Spicer was called out on his ridiculous assertion that Hitler didn’t gas millions of people in concentration camps, he grabbed a shovel and dug his hole deeper. Passing the point of no return, the press secretary argued that Hitler didn’t gas his own people, just the Jews. And apparently, they don’t count.

Everybody except Trump’s loyal base of anti-Semitic holocaust deniers knows that Spicer’s version of history is a long, long way from the truth and it may be the worst excuse ever used to justify military action.

People are justifiably outraged. The Anne Frank Center issued a statement calling for Spicer’s resignation. “Spicer’s statement is the most evil slur upon a group of people we have ever heard from a White House press secretary,”  said Steven Goldstein, the organization’s executive director. “Sean Spicer now lacks the integrity to serve” and “President Trump must fire him at once,” he added.

Spicer would be wise to take Clinton’s advice and study up a little on the holocaust before the next time he decides to spout off about what a swell guy Hitler was.

Featured image via Marcus Ingram/Getty Images