This Poll Shows EXACTLY How Much Americans Detest Trump

At this point in Trump’s disastrous presidency, it’s pretty clear that the only one that thinks he’s doing a great job is the underserving POTUS himself. Even his own supporters have lost faith in him and are turning away at record speed. Despite his rapidly plummeting approval rating, Trump still thinks he’s the greatest thing to happen to America – or at least, he’ll continue to think that until he sees this:

According to MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin, Americans are so turned off by Trump that they don’t even want to get anywhere near a product he touches. Apparently, asking for Trump’s support is so toxic that it is basically suicide for businesses. That’s quite strange for a reality television star who brags about how good of a businessman he is.

Already, we saw Trump make endorsements on his Twitter feed. It turns out, those inappropriate “shoutouts” did way more harm than good. NBC News reported:

“When Donald Trump won the Oval Office, critics worried he would use his elevated stature to enhance his personal power to pick winners and losers by endorsing products. But new consumer survey data from Simmons Research suggest the Trump presidency may be having the opposite effect on the Trump brand.”

According to the new data, 78% of Americans would not use and might even boycott any product that Trump endorses. Even amongst Republicans, support is low – only 31% of GOPers said they would be more likely to use a product if Trump endorsed it. Simmons scientist Steven Millman explained this phenomenon:

“A strong association between Trump and a brand is likely to be damaging to the brand, unless its consumers are strong conservative.”

This actually makes perfect sense. Trump has singlehandedly destroyed his own Trump brand by creating one of the most hateful, controversial presidential campaigns America had ever seen. His hotels are going down in flames, and so are his other self-branded companies. Even his daughter, Ivanka, is facing business struggles thanks to her father’s horrible performance. So it only seems pretty natural that the association with Trump’s disgraced name would have the same effect on other businesses.

It’s official: most of America hates Trump, and we want him to know it.

Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images