Sean Spicer BLOWS Press Briefing, Contradicts Trump Administration With INSANE Statement On Russia (VIDEO)

Donald Trump may have been cozying up to Russia during his presidential campaign and the beginning of his presidency, but it looks like the relationship is turning sour thanks to his reckless decision to attack Syria, one of Russia’s allies.

Russia openly condemned the attack, and even threatened to retaliate against the United States thanks to Trump. However, White House Press Secretary must have not gotten the memo, because he called Russia one of America’s allies in reference to Syria during his press briefing on Monday.

Not only is that statement false (especially after this Syria fiasco) but Spicer greatly contradicted many people in the Trump administration, and even Trump himself. It’s obvious that Russia is a hostile power – not an ally – but Spicer still said that America would

“work with allies, including Russia, in committing to ensuring that there are places that are free from violence…”

You can watch Spicer make a fool of himself below:

To be fair, Trump’s administration does seem to be awfully confused about how it feels about Russia. One one hand, Trump has showed Russian leader Vladimir Putin with praise, yet at times insists that he doesn’t know Putin at all. Nikki Haley, our United Nations ambassador, has said Russia cannot be trusted. After the attack in Syria, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insulted Russia and said the country was complicit or incompetent. New National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster considers Russia an adversary.

If only the Trump administration could actually send a unified, coherent message – but in an administration this incompetent, chaotic, and corrupt, we shouldn’t expect too much. Spicer’s reference to Russia as “allies” is embarrassing to the Trump administration, as its own Press Secretary seems clueless about how things are actually unfolding after Trump’s disastrous attack on Syria, and the true definition of an ally.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images