Women In The World Founder Has The PERFECT Description For Trump’s Crazy Presidency (VIDEO)

This past week was the annual Women in the World Summit. It’s a place that celebrates women who have a voice, and who speak for those who do not. It is a place of celebration, discussion, strategy, and empowerment. It is also a place for women to speak their minds. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton definitely spoke her mind on that stage. Now that the Summit is over, its founder, Tina Brown, is sounding off on Donald Trump’s presidency.

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brown told host Brian Stelter of what it feels like to watch Trump:

“It’s almost like being in the ward of a mental hospital half the time, with what’s going on with Trump. I mean, you can’t make this up.”

Stelter then asks, “You mean we’re all the patients of the mental hospital?”

Brown responds:

“You know, watching his behavior, you know it’s like watching out of control…that’s what makes it such riveting viewing. He seems so… his entire administration seems to be so out of control. Unfortunately it’s addictive.”

Stelter then joked about a New Yorker cartoon that quipped about people “binge watching CNN,” and asked Brown if that was a bad thing. Brown responded:

“It’s a disastrous thing, because, you know, you’re actually talking about very serious things that are not being discussed, and that is what is so scary about it. I mean, I was thinking the other day, how many hours have been spent by everybody in Washington in the you know, last two months, whether it is the Intelligence community or the National Security community.. everybody trying to retrofit the crazy tweet about being eavesdropped by Obama. It’s like the need to backfill his mendacity by so many different agencies is the most time-consuming thing right now in government.”

Stelter then lamented:

“It was a month ago, and we’re never going to get that month back.”

Brown concluded:

“Think about all the things that weren’t done in that month.”

Tina Brown is correct. It’s like being in a mental hospital, or perhaps in the back of a car driven by a very drunk driver who thinks he is sober and refuses to stop so people who know better can hop out. The people who have the power to take us off this crazy train won’t, so we’re stuck. Hopefully, we survive.

Watch the fascinating exchange below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images