Trump Builds Helipad At Mar-A-Lago So He Can Avoid Protesters While Golfing Each Weekend

Trump’s weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago and his nearby golf course have repeatedly been met with crowds of protesters. Just yesterday, protesters surprised Trump by showing up on his route to his golf course despite the fact that he had tried to keep the trip a secret. How’d they know? Unfortunately for Trump, protesters correctly guessed that just 48 hours after he kickstarted a war in Syria he would probably be back on his golf course.

Trump clearly doesn’t enjoy seeing reminders that his presidency is highly unpopular. This appears to be Trump’s solution:

Trump’s administration claims the helipad was built to carry Trump from the airport to his resort without interrupting traffic. They also conceded that traffic will likely still be blocked off or otherwise disrupted near the resort each time he is in town – roughly once a week. And like everything Trump does, the helipad comes at the expense of the average people unlucky enough to live nearby Trump’s resort.

When the proposal was first drawn up, it faced criticism for its disruptions to the lives of those around the area:

Jesse H. Diner, a Fort Lauderdale attorney representing Woodbridge Avenue resident Nancy deMoss, urged commissioners to hold off on approving the project until they consider alternatives to the location.

“These are big helicopters, they’re like flying tanks,” Diner said.

DeMoss requires around-the-clock health care that has been impacted by Trump’s weekend visits. Diner said she and her family is worried that the loud helicopters will be a nuisance, and she is uncomfortable with the U.S. Coast Guard boats sporting guns when Trump is in town.

Trump went ahead with the plan anyway.

Adding more absurdity, Trump’s personal helicopter appears to be using the helipad this weekend. The official Marine One, nor Trump, have used the helipad so far, but a giant helicopter with Trump’s name printed in red across the tail sat in its spot. Trump’s staff said it would be “staged” there until Sunday – a shameless photo op attempt.

It’s also not clear whether Trump or taxpayers are paying for the helipad used exclusively to indulge Trump’s golf obsession. The helipad was registered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation suggesting Trump wants to treat his helipad as a site of national significance as if it’s Mount Rushmore and not an excuse for Trump to take more vacations.

If the cost of the helipad indeed comes out of the pockets of taxpayers it will be a stiff addition to the already $23 million Trump has spent taking vacations while president for just 11 weeks. At this rate, Trump is projected to eclipse Obama’s entire cost of travel in just 10 months.

It’s for this reason that Trump appears desperate to rebrand his opulent resort as the “Southern White House” in order to deflect criticisms that he’s too often partying there instead of doing the job of president. It would be unsurprising to find that someday Trump renames the 18th hole at his Florida golf course after the Oval Office.

Featured image via Twitter