BREAKING: This New Analysis BAD News For Obamacare Haters (DETAILS)

Paul Ryan is all over Twitter chanting “repeal and replace,” and proclaiming the ACA a disaster. Trump has said repeatedly that it’s going to explode (and it’ll be on the Democrats’ heads when it does). They’re all spewing dire warnings about insurers leaving the marketplace in 2018, and yet, they still don’t have a plan, which is a worse failure than anything since they had seven years to do it. And unfortunately for them, there’s a new analysis out that points to something besides their dire predictions.

Standard & Poor’s took a look at the performance of many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans across nearly 36 states, and found that the insurers under Blue Cross Blue Shield actually reduced their losses in 2016, will probably break even this year, and will start seeing a profit from the marketplace in 2018.

S&P bluntly gives the lie to the GOP’s cries of “death spirals” with this:

After years in which many insurers lost money, then lost even more in 2015, “we are seeing the first signs in 2016 that this market could be manageable for most health insurers,” the Standard & Poor’s analysts said. The “market is not in a ‘death spiral.’”

A majority of Americans want Congress to fix the ACA, not “repeal and replace” it anymore. Their sorry attempt at passing a healthcare bill last month further damaged their already-destroyed credibility on the issue, and nearly 70 percent of Americans want to keep the parts of the ACA that are working, and fix the parts that aren’t working so well.

Also, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report, 33 percent of Americans say that Republicans are responsible for the failure of their farce of a healthcare plan, and another 28 percent say Trump is responsible. Only 25 percent of those surveyed blame Democrats for the bill’s failure.

It’s true that insurers are threatening to pull out of the ACA’s marketplace, which will leave some places with only one carrier or without any at all in the marketplace. That’s something that could have been changed or prevented if the GOP had actually managed to get something together over the last seven years.

Depending on what happens this year, though, that could change. If it does, then Republicans will be out of excuses.

Featured image by Win McNamee via Getty Images