‘Alt-Right’ Leader Richard Spencer Was Just Punched In The Head AGAIN Then Glitter Bombed

Richard Spencer, who has the most punchable face in the U.S., just got clocked upside the head again. The Alt-Right leader (neo-Nazi) was also glitter-bombed as well.

On Twitter, Spencer has been vocal about his opposition to Trump’s military strikes in Syria but that won’t help his public image since the leader of the white supremacist faction on the right has elevated himself in the spotlight since just before the U.S. presidential election last year while promoting racist rhetoric.

Spencer was confronted at a demonstration in Washington, D.C., against the military strikes against Syria. The Alti-Right leader spoke to the crowd at the rally then he was confronted by counter-protesters who shouted “Go home Nazis” and called him a “Nazi snowflake,” according to Anti-Fascist News.

The confrontation between the two groups became heated then the counter-protesters chased Spencer across the park as police followed along.

The police protected Spencer and his Nazi buddies.

Spencer tried to get into a taxi, but counter-protesters pulled him out of the vehicle, according to the Antifa site.

“When he was getting into the cab he was allegedly pulled out by counter-protesters, punched, and glitter bombed,” the site reports. “In a video posted on Periscope shortly thereafter, Spencer said what happened was that Antifa disallowed him to get in his ‘getaway’ car and the police instructed him to get in a cab.”

“Once he was in one the cab driver (who Spencer mocked for being of Indian origin) got out of the cab, frightened of the ensuing protesters, and Spencer had to take off running.”

Then he was glitter bombed.

Spencer assured his followers that he’s OK.

This isn’t Spencer’s first time being smacked upside the head. It’s his third.

In fact, Spencer was punched in the head twice in one day, one time by a woman. #PunchANaziDay quickly went viral on Twitter then memes and gifs were created.

During a live interview while in D.C. for alleged president Donald Trump’s Inauguration, he was punched in the face.

The attack was celebrated by many, and video of Spencer being punched in the face quickly turned into a viral meme.

Twitter users set the moment to music and it went crazy on the Internet.

Spencer advocates for “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” however, I’m not sure how he would accomplish that without violence.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images