Paul Ryan Makes PERFECT Argument For Medicare For All; Dumbass Didn’t Even Realize (TWEETS)

Sometimes you just need to let people talk and they’ll eventually say what you have been saying the whole time. Albeit, it may be accidental. And in this case, liberals should take what they can get when it comes to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) giving a the perfect argument for Medicare for all. They should also not let him forget it.

While trying to make the Affordable Care Act look bad, Ryan accidentally made the perfect argument for Medicare for all.

Ryan tweeted out:

“With another insurer leaving the Iowa insurance market, more Americans will be left without a choice when it comes to their health care.”

Then follows it up with this:

“Five Iowa counties will now be left with just two health insurers, while the rest will only have one option. This is unacceptable.”

Now, first of all, if Iowa had set up Obamacare properly, they’d have their own health exchange and not put you to the national website. This would have also subsequently given Iowa insurers the ability to work directly with the state. Secondly, when for-profit companies are given the ability to mess with people’s care for the sake of profit and to try to prove a point that something “isn’t working” they will do so.

Thus, when all is said and done, this is the perfect argument for Medicare for all, OR at least a public option. A public option would provide a guaranteed option for citizens of any state, as well as provide competition in the for-profit world of health insurance, which would then drive down costs across the board (yay, true capitalism and not a manipulative market!). Medicare for all would be ideal, yet not as realistic at the moment, and would provide care to every single American. Imagine that! Taxes being used for tax payers!

When all is said and done, we can thank Paul Ryan for this perfect meme to use against him time and time again. Well done, Speaker!

Featured Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images