Images Of Trump Golfing In Florida Leak Despite Him Ordering Press Pool To Stay Inside

Trump’s war on “leakers” who make him look bad by exposing his lies is about to escalate. On Saturday, a CNN reporter managed to snap a few pictures of Trump playing golf for the 15th time as president, despite efforts by his staff to stop it. No doubt, the reporter will face recriminations from the Trump team for doing his job.

This is the state our nation has been reduced to: A president so committed to vacations in the face of dismal approval ratings that he locks his press pool up to avoid getting caught doing what he knows looks really, really bad. When they report on it, they get attacked.

The photo is blurry and obscured because Trump did not want to be photographed and took all steps to avoid it. According to the press pool, reporters trailing Trump were held in a library while Trump golfed outside. CNN reporter Ken Tuohey managed to get a few shots anyways.

They probably considered themselves lucky. On other occasions, Trump’s staff has gone to absurd lengths to prevent them from getting any pictures of Trump while he’s golfing. At one point, they began taping garbage bags over windows in the rooms reporters were held so they couldn’t see outside. It’s not entirely clear why reporters didn’t just tear them down aside from undeserved politeness towards the president.

Trump has also repeatedly lied about golfing. Several weeks in a row, Trump claimed he was in serious “meetings” only to later be photographed golfing. In a baffling move that makes one wonder if he wants to be caught, Trump apparently wears the exact same outfit every time he golfs. His red ball cap, white polo shirt and golf gloves serve as a blatant tell while he tries to lie.

The most disturbing part in all of this is just how stubborn Trump appears to be on this front. He just can’t stop golfing. Each time he does, he opens himself up to relentless criticism. It’s his 15th vacation in 11 weeks. He’s spent $23 million in travel expenses. He’s golfing while his own White House implodes. But rather than just, say, skip a weekend of golf, he keeps going back.

That’s a particularly disturbing pathology in a man who wants us to believe he’s an effective president.

Featured image via Twitter