Everyone KNEW Trump Would Be Golfing Again – So Protesters Were Totally Ready When He Showed Up

There are only three things for certain in this world: Death, taxes, and Trump golfing every weekend. Today featured all three in a way.

Two days ago, Trump spent around $90 million in tax dollars to bomb an empty airbase in Syria. The symbolic attack did little to stop the Syrian government’s ability to bomb its citizens – bombers were reportedly back to using the airstrip just hours later – but it had the effect of inflaming already high tensions between the United States and supporters of the Syrian regime in Russia and Iran.

So covering death and taxes, Trump moved onto golf.

The fact that he would go on vacation just days after creating an international crisis was so painfully obvious that protesters planned for it. When Trump’s motorcade was spotted on route to his golf course in Florida, the signs came out to greet him. According to reporters riding with Trump, the stuff Trump saw should put to rest any notion that he isn’t aware that much of the country despises him.

It’s not clear yet whether Trump plans to lie about his golf outing as he’s done in previous weeks. By a rough count, Trump has golfed around 15 times since becoming president 11 weeks ago. Many of those vacations were done in secret, with his staff covering for him with claims that he was in “meetings.” Inevitably, pictures of Trump in golf attire hitting the links turn up online exposing just how shameless this administration is.

The fact that protesters can be so certain that Trump will be golfing – even after committing America to a possible war in Syria – is incredibly disheartening. You can plan your day around the assumption that the most powerful person in the country will be slipping into golfing shoes every single weekend. Hilariously, this criticism was most clearly leveled by one of Trump’s biggest defenders: Sean Hannity.

In 2013, Hannity hypocritically slammed Obama of playing golf during the Syrian civil war.

The war in Syria rages on but so far Hannity hasn’t complained about any one of Trump’s 15 golf outings. Odd. And further undermining Hannity’s complaint: Trump has spent so much time golfing that he’s now spent a quarter of Obama’s total cost in travel expenses in just his first 11 weeks. By the end of his first year, he will have cost the American taxpayer over $100 million.

Featured image via  Ian MacNicol/Getty Images