WATCH: Colbert’s Takedown Of ‘Cuck’ Steve Bannon Is Nothing Short Of BRILLIANT

By now, everyone knows that the Jared Kushner vs. Stephen K. Bannon infighting in the White House is coming to a head. It has resulted in the removal of Bannon from the National Security Council. Apparently, Kushner had a hand in getting Bannon’s hands off our national security, so, for this one, go Jared. We now have a much more secure nation, thanks to his removal. One person who couldn’t wait to mock the white nationalist’s takedown by his own was Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

Colbert started that part of his monologue by mocking Bannon’s resistance to being taken off the NSC, saying:

“Today we’re learning more about a huge event yesterday when Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. It’s so nice to have Bannon fans here to night. They’re so rare, so rare. It was not easy to remove Bannon. They held a hot match to his back until he released his pincers. And, they think the head might still be in there. He might get an infection.”

Colbert then went on to express disbelief that this was not a demotion:

“I’m not sure if he accomplished his goal. There are still some Muslims in America. There’s still some, right? Can you check on that? Still a couple.

Word on the street is that Jared Kushner helped push Bannon out. How many jobs does that kid have? I’m not sure…I’m surprised by this. I’m not surprised at all in fact, because there is known friction between these two.

Whenever Kushner’s not around, Bannon calls him a ‘cuck.’ And Bannon tried to stop the demotion, threatening at one point to quit if it went forward. Wait, wait a second, Steve Bannon, you threatened to quit if you got kicked off the National Security Council? Then you got kicked off and you didn’t quit? That’s a TCM, bro! TOTAL CUCK MOVE!”

This is absolutely brilliant. There is so much goodness in that clip, that it has to be watched repeatedly to be fully appreciated.

Watch below via The Late Show Twitter:

Featured image via video screen capture