Trump Tried Recreating Obama’s Iconic ‘Bin Laden Raid’ Situation Room Photo – And It’s So Pathetic

For months now people close to Trump have been privately saying the president is consumed by a seething jealousy of his predecessor, Barack Obama. Where Trump’s approval ratings continue to circle the drain, Obama’s have seen a post-presidency surge. Adding to that, Obama’s signature piece of legislation is not only more popular than ever, but the replacement Trump came up with imploded before it even got a vote. In the media and from political observers Obama is viewed as smarter, more mature, and more gifted politically than Trump. And Trump knows it.

So what is Trump to do? Imitate.

Hours after he ordered a missile strike in Syria, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted an image of the situation room.

It bore a disturbing resemblance to one of the most famous photographs of Obama’s time in office, the night he ordered the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.

However, unlike Obama’s image – filled with serious people doing serious jobs – Trump’s version contains a number of unqualified goons. The photograph of Obama and his staff signaled strength. Trump’s imitation serves only to show the world what a clown show Trump’s White House is.

Trump’s attack on Syria may have earned praise by right-wingers, but it’s already escalating tensions in the region and may someday be viewed as the opening shot in a devastating global war. Russia, rather than cave to Trump’s show of “strength” has vowed to arm the Syrian regime with more anti-aircraft weapons meant to shoot down any U.S. plane that crosses the border.

The attack also alienated Iran, pushing them further into the sphere of Russia and the Assad government.

Those are some serious consequences for actions being made by Rex Tillerson, a former oil executive with ties to Russia; Steve Bannon, the owner of white nationalist website Breitbart; and Jared Kushner, the son of a real estate mogul who married the daughter of a real estate mogul. The fact that those men are even in the room is a disgrace to America’s military, who will likely carry the brunt of the consequences.

But perhaps the biggest joke in the room is that Donald Trump himself. Or put another way:

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images