The White House Just Confessed The REAL Reason For Syria Attack; It Is DISGUSTING (DETAILS)

While many have been baffled and upset by Donald Trump’s reckless decision to attack Syria (without Congressional approval), the inner details of what drove Trump to make such a decision are even worse.

Senior White House officials have just confessed that this attack against Syria was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Trump, to feed his out of control ego. According to those officials, the poorly planned missile strike (which ultimately failed) isn’t even part of a broader strategy or a step in a larger plan to remove Assad. It was absolutely meaningless, and its only purpose was to make Trump seem like a strong leader.

CNN’s Jim Acosta reported:

While it’s not surprising that Trump has no strategy for Syria (let’s face it, he has zero strategy for anything he does), it’s terrifying to actually see it play out before our eyes as an incompetent president puts America in grave danger.

Basically, Trump used the U.S. military to make it LOOK like he was taking some sort of action on Syria, when really the exact opposite is true. There is no plan, and there likely will never be one. What Trump put on last night was merely a performance – and a damaging one. Already, U.S.-Russia relations have grown more tense as Russia is making moves to punish America for Trump’s carelessness.

The message Trump is sending to the world is terrifying – what we can expect during Trump’s presidency is a show; just big empty gestures that won’t actually carry any weight. Trump has basically shown Assad that he’s not really going to do anything besides send 50 missiles his way. Now Assad – and the rest of the world – knows our president is all talk and almost no action. The strength and leadership that America once had in the world is disintegrating quickly.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images