Syrian Military Knew Missile Attack Was Coming After Trump Told Putin About It

Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin seems to be going the way of most middle school ‘relationships.’ Though the Russian dictator was perfectly happy to employ a team of hackers to dig into The Donald’s opponents at his request and propagandists to spread fake stories about his opponents, Mr. 45’s attack on Syria was too much for the guy who is known for killing unfriendly journalists and political opponents.

CNN reported that Trump’s team called Russia to warn them of the airstrike in advance — and according to ABC, the Syrian army seemed to know the attack was coming, allowing them to evacuate equipment and personnel:

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Syrian military officials appeared to anticipate Thursday night’s raid on Syria‘s Shayrat air base, evacuating personnel and moving equipment ahead of the strike, according to an eyewitness.

Dozens of Tomahawk missiles struck the air base near Homs, damaging runways, towers and traffic control buildings, a local resident and human rights activist living near the air base told ABC News via an interpreter.

Let’s look at what happened here: Trump warned Putin of an attack because his people were in the area. Mysteriously, the targets learned of the incoming Tomahawk missiles and were able to evacuate people and equipment.

Interesting, eh?

Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)