Syria Strike Completely Backfires Against Trump; Even His Hard Core Supporters Are DONE

In case you just woke up, the United States is now at war with Syria. It was waged without congressional approval and by a man who ran on a platform of isolationism. Now, his isolationist followers are pissed.

It doesn’t help that the favorite conspiracy theorist of Trump and his followers called the Assad attack on his own people a “false flag” designed to take us to war. According to his followers, Trump fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Or, he was lying to them all along.

The Trump of weeks past was firmly against any action in Syria. He even accused President Obama of wanting to wage war in Syria over falling poll numbers. Now that Trump’s poll numbers are in a complete tailspin, he desperately attacked Syria.

He also said that Obama would have had to get congressional approval. Obama tried to, but Trump didn’t.

Now that the man who’s proven himself to have zero principles is occupying the White House, his rules have changed, but his supporters’ haven’t. They feel duped.

At least it’s encouraging that people are beginning to see through Trump’s shallow attempt at regaining popularity, but there’s little doubt that his approval numbers will rise after the attack, just because so many Americans love war.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.