Bill O’Reilly’s Show Bizarrely Cut Short In Wake Of Advertisers’ Mass Exodus (DETAILS)

The New York Times recently published a bombshell story about the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News, and their star host, Bill O’Reilly, is at the center of it. The Times story says that O’Reilly and Fox News paid five women more than $13 million in hush money who accused O’Reilly of sexually harassing them. As a result, more than 50 important advertisers have pulled out of advertising their goods on The O’Reilly Factor.

In fact, so many ads have been pulled that Thursday’s show included almost no ads at all, and certainly none from nationally recognized brands. Seemingly, as a result of all of these companies running as far and fast as they can from the public relations nightmare that is Bill O’Reilly, the Thursday night edition of O’Reilly’s show was bizarrely cut short.

There was no explanation for the abrupt ending to O’Reilly’s broadcast. The show usually lasts an hour, but was only on for 45 minutes. Throughout the show, O’Reilly had kept promising a funny segment with Jesse Waters, who usually goes out and talks to people on the street in a mean-spirited segment meant to embarrass people and make them look bad on the air. That segment never came.

Instead of the Waters segment, at the end of O’Reilly’s strangely short show, fellow Fox anchor Shep Smith spent the extra 15 minutes reporting on the goings on in Syria. This was prior to the world knowing that Trump had launched 59 tomahawk cruise missiles into a Syrian airfield in response to the chemical weapons attack, so it’s not like this was any sort of breaking news segment.

When O’Reilly’s extra 15 minutes was up, Smith’s time ended, and Tucker Carlson’s show started right on cue, with no mention of what happened to O’Reilly, and no explanation.

Hopefully, this is a sign that Bill O’Reilly is on his way out at Fox, and his toxic message will poison the airwaves no more.

Featured image via video screen capture