WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger Just BURNED Trump Over ‘The Apprentice,’ And It Is GOLDEN

Back in February, Donald Trump decided he was going to use the White House prayer breakfast to slam Arnold Schwarzenegger and “The Apprentice,” because the show’s ratings had tumbled and there can be only one reason for that – His Trumpificence was no longer on the show. Trump asked everyone to pray for Schwarzenegger and his ratings, which he no doubt thought would get under the Terminator’s skin.

He couldn’t have been more wrong. Van Jones just asked Schwarzenegger about this jab on his show, “The Messy Truth.” What Schwarzenegger had to say is absolute gold:

“It gave me an opportunity to go and shoot back and say, you know, that the show didn’t do well because, you know, one-third of the audience left, because they boycotted the show because you’re the executive producer, Donald Trump!”

He went on to say that, if Trump had just been open and honest and told everyone from the get-go that he was the executive producer, they’d have had really great ratings!

He also took the opportunity to poke Trump over his unconscionably thin skin, saying:

“I have thick skin. This doesn’t bother me at all.”

Trump would have thrown a livid fit if their positions were reversed, but fortunately, they weren’t. Watch below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video