Trump’s Administration Was Just Caught Up In Prostitution Scandal; Here’s How It Went Down (DETAILS)

While it can be said that no one is immune from punishment, a terrific example of that fact is how a Secret Service agent who was on Mike Pence’s detail just got himself arrested.

Why was he arrested? For getting caught soliciting sex from a prostitute.

According to CNN:

“… a Secret Service agent on Vice President Mike Pence’s detail has been suspended from official duties after meeting a prostitute at a Maryland hotel. One law enforcement source says the agent was caught after police saw him exiting the hotel.”

Apparently, this is how it all went down:

“The police responded to a call from the hotel manager who became suspicious of activity in one of the rooms. The source said this was not a sting.”

Now, even though the agent was off duty and wasn’t currently guarding the *vice president, it is still illegal to solicit sex.

CNN reports:

“A Secret Service spokesperson, speaking on the record, acknowledges “an alleged incident” occurred and says it involved an off-duty Secret Service employee and said that the matter is under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility to determine the facts.

According to the spokesperson, the employee was required to surrender his weapon and official gear and was placed on administrative leave. The employee’s security clearance and access to all Secret Service facilities has also been suspended.”

Tsk tsk. You’d think someone, especially in the Secret Service, would know better. Especially considering the history of prostitutes with agents in the Secret Service.

Who can forget the Colombian prostitute scandal of 2012 when nine Secret Service agents had been discovered bringing hookers back to their rooms?

Mike Pence’s former Secret Service agent will be disciplined, but it still doesn’t look good for the entire United States Secret Service, or the *vice president for that matter. And you can only guess the big guy in the Oval Office doesn’t like it. No, not Bannon, the other big guy.

(*pending investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election)

Featured Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images