Trump Just Got SHREDDED By A Republican Strategist, Presidency CRUMBLING (TWEETS)

There’s nothing odd about Donald Trump getting blasted day in and day out by the media and those who didn’t support him in the first place, but the rate at which Trump gets crucified by his own Republican Party is unprecedented.

The latest GOPer to take Trump to the woodshed is Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who pretty much obliterated Trump’s presidency today. In several tweets this morning, Wilson brutally blasted Trump by stating the obvious, which many conservatives are still afraid to admit: Trump is “Is.Bad.At.Being.President.”

Pointing out that “Trump’s poll numbers suck for a reason,” here’s what Wilson had to say about America’s undeserving president:

Then, Wilson lashed out at the remaining Republicans that are still defending Trump and standing by him despite all of his failures and shortcomings. In a shocking rant attacking conservatives that refuse to see how dangerous and incompetent Trump really is, Wilson continued:

Wilson is 100% right. Trump is NOT presidential material, and he has made very little attempt to actually rise up to the challenge of his new role and responsibilities. His polling numbers alone are the most pathetic we’ve ever seen, and many Americans are in complete agreement with what Wilson is saying here.

The Republican Party has screwed itself by allowing Trump to succeed. America will remember the GOP as the party forever attached to the least successful, most shameful president the country has ever had. Trump’s ties to Russia alone will brand the GOP as the least patriotic political party in existence. The damage Trump has done to the party is irreversible, and Wilson knows it. He’s part of the group of Republicans that is increasingly frustrated by what he sees of Trump and the GOP, and clearly, wishes this nightmare would be over already.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images