The FBI’s Russia Investigation Just Took A Turn That Will TERRIFY Trump (DETAILS)

The FBI is doing something with its probe into Russia’s interference in our election that should terrify Trump and anybody in his administration, or who worked on his campaign, that has ties to Russia. Put simply, they’re creating a special unit dedicated to better coordination of investigation efforts, and to give James Comey better insight into the probe’s details.

One FBI agent said that “it’s meant to surge resources.”

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This looks both like an expansion and streamlining of things. This particular investigation is getting so big that they’re starting to have trouble managing it. It’s not the first time they’ve created a special unit for a high-profile, “sprawling” investigation of this nature. They did it when looking into Wikileaks’ release of classified documents, and (because of course) when they were looking into Hillary’s emails.

It does signify just how seriously the FBI is taking this.

There is a growing possibility that Trump—or at least high-level members of his campaign—colluded with Russia during the election to bring down Hillary Clinton and elevate Trump to the White House. They look so bad that the Obama administration created a document numbering system to personally hand over to the Senate Intelligence Committee to make it harder for Trump and company to hide documents relating to Russia.

Trump was dismissive of the intelligence community’s findings on Russia’s hacking, saying that nobody had any idea who could have done it:

“It could be Russia, but it could also be China, it could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”

Since then, he’s continued to dismiss findings and allegations, refusing to believe either that his buddy Putin would do this, or that the intelligence community could possibly get so close to nailing him for collusion.

Either way, the new unit will make the FBI’s investigation run more smoothly and efficiently, and it will give Director Comey better knowledge and understanding of what’s going on – things that he may have to present to Congress at a later date.

Featured image by Win McNamee via Getty Images