Heroin Addict Trump Voter Sad Now That Donald Is Taking Away His Treatments (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania resident Kurt Farmer was perfectly fine with building a wall to keep brown people out of the country, banning Muslims from entering the United States, and Donald Trump’s other horrifying policies, but he (like the Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups who backed Trump during the election) also made the mistake of believing that The Donald had his interests as a white man at heart.

Unfortunately, as a recovering heroin addict, Farmer is now suffering quite a bit of buyer’s remorse after learning that his treatments are going to go bye-bye under Trump. Farmer relies on Medicaid to pay for his recovery treatments, and Trump is currently in the process of trying to gut healthcare for all those dirty poors in the country who act like the Constitution guarantees the right to “life” or something.

“If I didn’t have Medicaid, I wouldn’t be able to pay for this,” Farmer told CNN. ““I would like to say I wouldn’t relapse but the chances are from past experience, if I’m not going to treatment, in a matter of a few weeks I start getting high.”

Farmer recently learned — like the rest of us — that the White House intends to allow states to opt out of the Essential Health Benefits regulations under Obamacare — the very same ones that force private insurers and Medicaid to pay for substance abuse recovery.

Farmer is the most recent in Trump voters who have lost the faith — but only after learning that they would be hurt by his policies just as much as immigrants, Muslims, and others Trump and his supporters view as Untermensch.

This is the difference between conservatives and the rest of us: While we realized The Donald is bad for America as a whole, they waited until he was bad for them to care.

Watch the CNN segment below:

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