Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines Can’t Stop Tweeting At Trump And It’s A Thing Of Beauty (TWEETS)

Never shy to speak her mind, Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines has clearly had enough of Donald Trump’s shenanigans, and over the last several days, she has really been heating up her attacks.

Not to go back too far, but let’s take a look from about mid-March on. Clearly not holding back, she posts this:

Then this:

And this:

Then Maines asks Trump a question that we’d really all like answered:

“Well, [Trump], how do you see this all ending?I put my money on you being a quitter and blaming everybody else for it.”

And then goes on to mock him:

Then things got a little deep. Maines wrote:

“Do you ever feel like you can’t escape the person that brings out the worst in you? [Donald Trump] you’re mine and I hate you for it.”

And something we’ve all thought. Well, those of us with souls and a conscience, both of which Trump seems to lack:

She didn’t stop there:

That implies that Trump is actually human, and that has still yet to be determined. The man lies with no remorse, surrounds himself with only folks who agree with him, and actually thinks that he’s doing a good job. How can we convince him otherwise if he’s so absorbed within himself? It may not even be possible.

However, we thank you for trying, Natalie! Somebody has to.

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