Lawrence O’Donnell Is Trolling Bill O’Reilly Over His Sexual Harassment Scandals; It’s BRILLIANT (TWEET)

In the age of Donald Trump, it seems that Twitter is ground zero for public spats, public shaming, and all sorts of back and forth exchanges. That is why this is the platform Lawrence O’Donnell, host MSNBC’s The Last Word, is using to troll Bill O’Reilly’s reprehensible behavior when it comes to what appears to be years and years of sexually harassing women from his throne over at Fox News.

It seems that O’Reilly is choosing to actually sue one of his accusers for speaking out, and O’Donnell is determined to gin up as much public support as possible for this woman in her most vulnerable hour. He tweeted:

That isn’t all O’Donnell did, either. He tweeted that challenge to O’Reilly while he was live on the air Tuesday night, and asked all of his viewers to retweet it, thus showing Bill O’Reilly that the game is up, that we know what he did to those women, and that we know that he is bullying, threatening, and intimidating the accuser who is speaking publicly, Wendy Walsh, so that she will shut up.

This is what using a public platform for good looks like. Thank you, Lawrence O’Donnell, for standing up to the disgusting, misogynistic goon that is Bill O’Reilly, and continuing to expose the culture of sexual harassment that is so prevalent at Fox News.