Inventor Of The Worldwide Web Just DESTROYED Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Bill To Sell Internet History

This week, Donald Trump signed a deeply concerning bill that allows internet service providers (ISPs) to sell the browsing histories of their customers to advertisers. It’s a disgusting piece of legislation that has Americans around the country concerned for their privacy and has left them feeling vulnerable – and the inventor of the worldwide web himself had some pretty strong feelings toward it as well.

Tim Berners-Lee is the computer scientist responsible for the worldwide web we use today. Having seen how much his invention has grown since its creation in 1989, he says he has been “disgusted” by the law Trump just signed in, and has slammed both Trump and the GOP for it in an interview with the Guardian.

According to Berners-Lee (and many Americans), user privacy should not be a partisan issue and he was quite shocked that despite facing so much public outcry, the Republican Party rolled this legislation through anyway. Lee said:

“That bill was a disgusting bill, because when we use the web, we are so vulnerable. Privacy, a core American value, is not a partisan thing. Democrats fight for it and Republicans fight for it, too, maybe even more. So I am very shocked that the Republican party has managed to suggest that it should be trashed; if anyone follows up on this direction there will be a massive pushback – and there must be a massive pushback!”

Berners-Lee’s statement came with a warning as well – he predicted that the Federal Communications Commission would face massive protests if the net neutrality regulations that former President Barack Obama put into place were compromised. He said:

“If they take away net neutrality, there will have to be a tremendous amount of public debate as well. You can bet there will be public demonstrations if they do try to take it away.”

Featured image via John Moore / Getty Images