Racist NYPD Cops Threaten To Tase Black Children For Walking Down The Street (VIDEO)

Now that Donald Trump is president and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General, racist cops everywhere have free reign to abuse vulnerable groups of people at every turn. The latest incidence of said abuse was caught on tape by Brooklyn College Associate Professor of Sociology Alex S. Vitale, in which New York City police officers were seen telling a group of black students that they would use a taser on them if they didn’t move away from the sidewalk. This is a definite abuse of authority, as the NYPD’s official rules state that tasers are not to be used on minors.

When the children were slow to move away from the sidewalk at the intersection of Bedford and Campus Avenue, one of the officers said, “What are you going to do about it?” This apparently implies that the cops don’t care about the children’s rights, and would do as they please. A short time later, one cop asks the kids, “do you want to ride the lightning?” This appears to be slang for the use of a taser.

Professor Vitale acknowledges that the actions of the officers on the video “seem [s] like an abuse of authority.”

Well, it certainly was abusive. Those children were not doing anything wrong. These cops are just looking to hurt black children because they can. They should be fired and charged with criminal offenses. Luckily, the kids involved in this incident weren’t harmed, but, so many times, kids have wound up hurt or dead because racist, power-abusing cops decided to hurt them.

The NYPD says that the actions of the officers on the tape are going to be investigated internally. Of course, that means nothing, because they are investigating themselves. They’ll surely find that they have done nothing wrong, even though there is every indication, when one views that tape, that they’ve done EVERYTHING wrong.

Welcome to “community policing” in the age of Trump.

Watch the disturbing video below: