WATCH: Trump’s EPA Stooge Gets His A** Handed To Him By Fox Host On Climate Change

Donald Trump is fuming after Fox New Sunday host Chris Wallace crushed his Environmental Protection Agency minion on the topic of climate change.

As we all know, Trump is a climate change denier who thinks the whole thing is a scam created by the Chinese.

So, of course, Trump chose a fellow climate change denier as his EPA Secretary.

Scott Pruitt is an Oklahoma Republican who denies science, and during an interview on Fox, he found himself having to defend his anti-science views. Apparently, he hoped the interview would be a softball affair. But Chris Wallace repeatedly challenged him.

Wallace began by slamming Pruitt’s flawed logic that getting rid of President Obama’s clean power plan will somehow improve air quality.

“You think that rewriting and, in fact, doing away with the clean power plan is going to improve air quality, which you say is a major goal?” Wallace asked.

Pruitt responded by claiming that President Obama was a tyrant who ruled through executive orders instead of letting Congress make the law.

It should be pointed out that Donald Trump has signed 23 executive orders and he hasn’t even served 100 days yet. He is on pace to sign 118 executive orders in his first year alone. President Obama only signed 276 over the course of eight years and signed less executive orders than Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.

Trump could very well end up signing more executive orders than any of them. So, Pruitt can’t seriously claim that Trump is following the “rule of law.” If anyone is ruling by “executive fiat,” it’s Trump.

Wallace then pointed out that Trump’s deregulation of environmental protections has ceded the moral high ground to China in the fight against pollution and climate change.

Pruitt didn’t really give a damn. He said America has nothing to apologize for.

“We have nothing to be apologetic about with respect to the leadership we’ve show as a country,” he claimed.

Oh, but we do. Fighting climate change to save out planet will take international cooperation on a unprecedented scale. By withdrawing American leadership, Trump is sentencing the globe to disastrous climate change as if he thinks the United States is not part of the world and is somehow immune to what happens around us.

Wallace proceeded to take on Pruitt’s belief that humans are not responsible for climate change.

“Mr. Pruitt, there are all kinds of studies that contradict you,” Wallace noted. “The UN panel on climate change says it’s 95 percent likely that at least half of the temperature increase since the mid-20th century is due to human activities. Mr. Pruitt, are we supposed to believe that’s all a coincidence?”

In response, Pruitt contradicted his own claim that he and Trump are working to improve air quality by insisting that the EPA should not be able to regulate greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Wallace called Pruitt out an dropped the hammer on him.

“Sir, you’re sugar coating what you have said. You said that you would not agree that carbon CO2 is a primary contributor to global warming. And the question I have is, what if you’re wrong? What if, in fact, the Earth is warming, what if it is causing dramatic climate change and that we as humans through carbon emissions are contributing to it? Don’t you think the fact that we have these coal power plants belching carbon emissions into the air, you don’t think that plays a role?”

Pruitt answered by claiming that America burns coal cleanly, which is not true at all. There is no such thing as “clean coal,” and making such a claim is asinine.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

According to Popular Mechanics,

Coal will never be clean. It is possible to make coal emissions cleaner. In fact, we’ve come a long way since the ’70s in finding ways to reduce sulfur–dioxide and nitrogen-oxide emissions, and more progress can be made. But the nut of the clean-coal sales pitch is that we can also bottle up the CO2 produced when coal is burned, most likely by burying it deep in the earth. That may be possible in theory, but it’s devilishly difficult in practice.

President Obama’s clean power plan would have reduced carbon emissions more than they ever have been before. It was a crucial step toward fighting climate change and reducing America’s role in causing it.

But Donald Trump and his minions have reversed that progress and they are making things even worse. They are gutting the Environmental Protection Agency and have pulled America out the fight against climate change. So instead of moving forward, Trump is taking America backwards and that decision will have devastating results that Trump will personally experience once his Mar-a-Lago resort is under water because of sea level rise.

Maybe when his precious golf club and resort is under water he’ll admit that climate change is real. But by then, it will be too late.

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