Study Shows Conservative Voters Are Literally Twice As Shallow As Liberal Voters (DETAILS)

A study was just released that said that conservative politicians are better looking than their liberal counterparts, and the reason for it shows that liberals are better at picking leaders.

The study, published in the Journal of Public Economics, and performed by researchers at the University of Helsinki, examined politicians and academics from Europe and the United States.

“The fact that left-leaning scholars are perceived as better-looking is no cause for alarm,” Prof (Jan-Erik) Lönnqvist said. “What is worrying, however, is the high degree of importance attached to looks in political elections.”

He added: “The results of my study are in concordance with other studies that show that the effect of attractive looks is twice as large for politicians on the right compared to their counterparts on the left.”

While it did not find that conservative academics were better looking, conservative politicians won the overall beauty contest and believe it or not, that’s likely how we got Donald Trump.

Hear me out. No, while Trump is expert at leering at and sexually harassing beauty contestants, there’s no sash in his future. So, what does Trump’s election have to do with conservatives being more attractive people? Conservative voters, it seems, are shallow people. They are less capable of getting past the superficial and understanding nuanced campaign issues. Now are you getting the connection to Trump?

Or, as Dr. Lönnqvist suggested:

“One possible reason for the greater influence of looks on right-wing constituents could be that they are less informed. Previous research has also shown that conservative voters have a more concrete, perhaps less sophisticated way of thinking.”

That is probably why the nation is in much better hands with Democratic presidents. It also might show why Democrats have a harder time winning. Our views are much more complex, as is our taste in candidates. Republicans campaign on bumper sticker slogans and Democrats campaign on issues. It’s much easier to rally people around bumper sticker slogans than around complicated ideas.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.