Looks Like Mike Pence Is Gonna Go Down With The #TrumpRussia Ship (VIDEO)

If there is anyone who is a thorn in the side of the Donald Trump administration, it’s MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. She is relentless in her thorough and well thought out journalism, exposing Trump for the fraud that he is.

In yet another report, while many think if Trump is impeached or forced to resign Mike Pence will take over the role of president, Maddow is letting America and the world know he may go down with the ship.

Maddow reports:

“Mike Pence had been the head of the Trump transition. As such, he would have been intimately involved with the selection and vetting process for a job as important as national security adviser. Nevertheless, Vice President Mike Pence has professed absolute ignorance of any of the scandals of any of the foreign payments, contacts and all the rest of it surrounding Mike Flynn. Pence was the leader of the transition. As leader of the transition, he was notified in writing by members of Congress about Flynn’s apparent financial ties to the government of Turkey. The transition was also apparently notified twice by Flynn’s own lawyers about his financial relationship with the government of Turkey, but nevertheless, Vice President Mike Pence says he has no idea about any of that.”


“Vice President Mike Pence claims he had absolutely no idea about that despite him being notified about on the record multiple times and it being a matter of considerable public discussion. Mike Pence’s role in the Mike Flynn scandal is flashing like a red beacon for anyone who sees him as the normal Republican in this setting.”

Maddow is absolutely correct. There is no way, with all this information coming out, that Pence was left completely in the dark with no knowledge of what has been going on. If Trump is going down, Pence will undoubtedly go down with him — as he should.

Watch Maddow here:

Featured Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images — HT Politicus