Watch Legendary Reporter Ted Koppel Tell Hannity Right To His Face He’s Bad For America (VIDEO)

With the cool, calm authority that comes with decades of being one of the most well-respected newsman in journalism, Ted Koppel flat-out told Sean Hannity that he and his show are destroying America from within. He did it right to Sean Hannity’s face. And he didn’t even hesitate.

In what is perhaps one of the best moments of television in 2017, Koppel sat down with Hannity to discuss journalism and politics during a broadcast of CBS Sunday Morning. Hannity, who has spent the last year or so working as a de facto propagandist for Donald Trump from his chair at Fox News, was clearly not ready for the truthbombs Koppel was about to drop. Hannity’s expression goes from amusement to surprise to anger to genuine fear as Koppel laid out why the Fox host is awful.

HANNITY: Do you think I’m bad for America?
HANNITY: You do?
KOPPEL (nodding): In the long-haul, I think you and all these opinion shows [are].

Hannity starts to interrupt Koppel at several times. Koppel calmly regains control of the interview and continues with this brutal reminder:

“You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than fact.”

He’s not exaggerating. Fox News viewers have been repeatedly shown to be among the least informed people in the country. A 2014 analysis of Fox News found that over half of all statements said on the network were “false.” Hannity, in particular, ranks among the worst propagator of “fake news” in the country. Politifact observed that Hannity lies at least half of the times they checked him. And Trump has actually made Hannity worse.

Somewhere around election day something in Hannity’s brain finally snapped. Always a right-wing flack, Hannity has taken it upon himself to be Trump’s most blindly loyal cheerleader. There is quite possibly no act too depraved for Trump to commit that would make Hannity criticize it. His blatant sycophancy is widely seen as the least subtle on Fox.

It’s easy to see why a man like that covering for relentless liar Donald Trump is really, really bad for America.

Featured image via Twitter / h/t @yashar