A Liberal Had A Heart Attack; You Need To See The Reactions From The Right

Former conservative turned liberal activist, David Brock, suffered a heart attack Tuesday. The news is scant, but it doesn’t seem to be life threatening, thank goodness. Conservatives, though, are completely giddy about the fact that a man is ill.

Brock, who was instrumental in the right-wing campaign to take down Bill Clinton, and of the smear campaign against Clarence Thomas accuser Anita Hill, had a change of heart in the late 90s.

Since his wakeup, Brock founded MediaMatters, the left-wing media watchdog organization and an anti-Republican PAC called American Bridge. He was (and is) also a strong advocate for Hillary Clinton.

It’s understandable why conservatives would dislike Brock. MediaMatters made its claim to fame by using Republicans’ own words against them. Literally. Most of what they post is video and transcript of Republicans putting their own feet in their mouths. Naturally, they call that “fake news” and worse. The right tends to look at Brock as some sort of bogeyman, much like they look at George Soros. So, imagine the glee from the “pro-life” party over the fact that Brock suffered a heart attack.

Brock was supposedly involved in the fake right-wing story, Pizzagate, which alleged that Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager were running a child sex ring out of the basement of a D.C. pizza place that had no basement. Some still apparently believe it, though.

And for the conspiratorially minded, a cigar is never just a cigar.


Featured image via Mad about the Ban/Flickr