Meet The Woman Who Took Down Evangelical Pedophile Josh Duggar

By now, everyone is aware of what took down the Duggar family, of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting fame. It was the explosive revelations that one of the most famous members of the reality television family, Josh, was a pedophile. He had molested his own sisters, as well as other girls in the house. It led to the cancelling of the show, and to the family leaving public life in disgrace. However, no one ever knew who was responsible for it — but now we do.

A woman by the name of Sherri Townsend is the one who tipped off InTouch Magazine to the true and sick nature of what was going on in the Duggar clan. They weren’t just some weird family who were part of a right-wing religious cult and exploiting their insane beliefs for piles of cash. No — they were a family of child abusers, and Townsend set out to prove it. Prove it she did, and there was the end of the Duggars’ reality show goldmine and public promotion of their sick religious cult.

Townsend says, via Facebook, of what she did:

“I’m going confess/admit to y’all something that I did a couple of years ago that not very many people know was me.

I told a reporter from InTouch magazine about Josh Duggar’s molestation/pedophilia of his sisters and others, which broke the story and ultimately caused his resignation as the head of the Family Research Council and got his family’s hypocrisy-filled show cancelled.”

Townsend goes on to say that it was a special on so-called “conversion therapy” pushed by anti-LGBTQ religious nuts like the Duggars that got her to reveal who she is:

“Sitting here sick to my stomach from watching last night’s 20/20 expose on conversion therapy camps, I can see that hateful religious bigotry is still alive and well and that the dangerous hate group, the Family Research Council, has doubled down on promoting their brand of bigotry causing terrible harm to countless people. THEY NEED TO BE BROUGHT DOWN. That group is true evil!!! Bringing them down will now be added to my list of causes!!!”

Good on Sherri Townsend. At the height of his fame, Josh Duggar was working for the anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council, and he and his family were the ultimate right-wing paragons of hate and so-called Christianity. Now, they are pariahs and a national disgrace, as they always should have been.

Sherri Townsend, you are one brave woman. Thank you for exposing this hypocrisy, abuse of children, and religious cultism for what it is, and taking these despicable people down.

Featured image via Twitter