With One Simple Chart, The Wall Street Journal Just WRECKED Trumpcare (IMAGE)

Republicans seem to be steadfast in their quest to destroy the Affordable Care Act despite all the facts showing that doing so will be devastating not only to the millions of Americans who rely on the law to have access to affordable coverage but also to the economy.

The Congressional Budget Office has just come out and said that not only would 14 million lose coverage by next year under Trumpcare, but by 2021, 21 million will lose insurance, and then by 2026, 24 million.

And yet, there are still Republicans and those who support them who insist on repealing Obamacare and replacing it with the subpar version known as Trumpcare. So, for the visual learners out there who can’t quite seem to grasp how horrific this all is, the Wall Street Journal made a graph to show how drastic this loss of coverage will be.

Here’s the image:

While the new bill would seemingly reduce the deficit over time, it leaves behind tens of millions of Americans who will no longer have access to care. And when people can’t afford care, they go to the emergency room, and when they can’t pay their bills, taxpayers end up picking up the tab. The spending will always be there. It’s just whether or not you want to spend money for people to stay healthy or wait until they are in such dire straits that they need emergency care and are willing to go bankrupt because of it.

All in all — it’s heartless. We need Medicare for all now!

Featured Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images