WATCH: GOP Rep. Steve King Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL Admission About Trump’s Wiretapping Claims

Oh, the wiretapping scandal. Or it would be a scandal if it were true. Trump hasn’t produced any hard evidence of being tapped anywhere, but Republicans have jumped on the series of tweets in which he accused President Obama of tapping him as though it’s concrete fact. Enter Rep. Steve King, who licks Trump’s boots. He appeared on MSNBC last night to discuss Trump and his wiretapping nonsense.

And he flat-out admitted that the GOP doesn’t have any facts proving that Trump was wiretapped. Literally. He said (with a smile, of all things):

“We actually don’t have any facts to work with on this. What we got are opinions. We got opinions from the intelligence community, from Clapper, from Brennan and others.”

He went on to say that he gets to hear the opinions of the intelligence community, but said again that they don’t have any facts. That does not, however, change his belief that both Michael Flynn and Trump were wiretapped. He seems to think that the evidence is there, the intelligence is there, he just can’t see it because it’s sensitive.

Or something.

How much longer is this charade about wiretaps going to go on before they’re forced to admit that they either never happened, or happened with good reason?  Watch King’s admission below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video