Doctors Can Lie To Pregnant Women If This Republican Gets His Way; Already PASSED Committee

Republicans nationwide seem to want to get rid of regulations on just about everything — guns, corporations, environmental protections, etc., but when it comes to women, they can’t regulate fast enough.

There is currently a state bill in Texas that just passed through the Senate committee on State Affairs unanimously (8-0) that will allow doctors to lie to women about anything wrong with their baby. Not only that, it prevents parents from being allowed to sue.

According to the Dallas Voice:

“SB25 — which would allow doctors to withhold information from pregnant women about the status of their fetus and then, if the child were born with a deformity or disability, prevent the parents from suing the doctor for withholding the information — has passed out of the Senate Committee on State Affairs on an 8-0 vote and is headed to the full Senate.”

The man behind SB 25? State Sen. Brandon Creighton (R- Conroe).

Creighton is described “as a genuine defender of conservative values. He has relentlessly hammered excessive taxation, pursued “loser pays” tort reform, passed drug testing for unemployment benefits, stood up for Texas’ 10th Amendment rights and effectively blocked Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.” So, really, he’s an a**hole on pretty much every level. He hates the poor, hates women, and hates people being able to sue companies when something happens to them because of a product or service.

When it comes to SB 25, he says:

“Senate Bill 25 will send a message that Texas does not believe that a life, in and of itself, is an injury in which parents need a damage payment.”

He thinks doctors should be able to keep pertinent information about a baby in the womb from the parents and that doctor should be protected for doing so. That’s messed up on so many levels. It isn’t pro-life, it’s pro-birth and anti-freedom, and seems pretty damn immoral. It’s a bill to prevent abortion by holding back information. The fact that it’s already passed the Senate Committee 8-0 is even more mortifying.

According to the Dallas Voice:

“Blake Rocap, legislative director for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, said, “We shouldn’t have to stand up and say that it shouldn’t be policy for the state of Texas to excuse doctors from lying to their patients, and that is what this bill does.””

One would think that should be obvious, but Republicans are getting more outrageous and bold in their hatred of women by the day. Shame on them.

Featured Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images