Watch NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Get BULLIED Out Of The State Dept. For Asking About Russia (VIDEO)

If one thing has become abundantly clear, it’s that Donald Trump and his administration don’t like to answer questions, especially questions surrounding Russia.

Trump seems to have set a clear standard for those who work with him that the press is not to be trusted. From his abusive and unconstitutional “fake news” attacks to the clear ignoring of questions that the American people want to know the answers to.

Ignoring questions and treating the press like dirt has seemingly also spread to the State Department, and on Tuesday morning, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell alongside several others from the press were herded up and bullied out, all the while no questions were answered.

Mitchell tried to get a few pressing answers from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. She asked:

“Can you respond to the threats from China?”

“Can you be sure the Trump administration will be strong against Vladimir Putin?”

“Can you assure us that Russia will not be able to move further in Ukraine?”

You can then see Mitchell grabbed by the arms and escorted out while saying:

“We haven’t had any time in here.”

This all begs the question, why doesn’t the Trump administration want to answer any questions? What are they hiding?

The more they remain elusive from the press, the more people will assume they are up to no good, so one would think they would want to remain transparent and respect the right of a free press.

What this shows is that our press are disrespected, but it also shows that press, especially those like Andrea Mitchell, aren’t about to be bullied around so easily and will still report the story.


Watch the confrontation here:

Featured image via video screen capture