The Wind Revealed An Unknown Creature Atop Trump’s Head And People CANNOT Stop Watching (VIRAL VIDEO)

With all the absolutely horrific and unhinged things that Donald Trump has been doing and saying since he took office, many have stopped talking about one of the most bizarre things about him.

No, not the fact that he eats pizza and KFC with a fork, but his hair. Or rather, what we can only assume is his hair. Let’s call it hair-ish or hair-like.

And while many will think that going after someone’s hair is petty (because it is) it’s still something that many people are extremely curious about, because it seems to have a life of its own.

Case in point, while Trump was climbing aboard Air Force One, the wind caught Trump’s hair from behind and seemingly revealed to the entire world what goes into making that dreadful coif.

Brace yourself, because you will never be the same after seeing this. Here’s the video:

If anyone knows what that might be, they are encouraged to come forward.

Trump still seems to pride himself on this signature hairdon’t, still not realizing that he could look a million times better, or dare one say, *presidential (barf), if he gave himself a haircut that actually suited his head.

Nonetheless, people can’t stop watching this video because as horrible as it is, it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

Featured image via video screen capture