In One GLORIOUS Move, CNN REFUSES To Bow Down To Trump; He Will Be LIVID (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump wants, it’s positive press about himself and everything that he is doing. Clearly knowing that his new travel ban Executive Order wasn’t going to shine him in the best light, or he was simply afraid of reporters asking him questions he’d be forced to give an answer to, Trump didn’t allow the press into the Oval Office for the signing. The White House did, however, offer a photo of the signing, but CNN refuses to show it.

CNN’s John King explains why they won’t show the image of Trump holding the Executive Order:

“We won’t show you the picture of the president signing the executive order that’s incredibly important to his administration, it’s a very important policy debate in our country — we will not show you the picture because we have a policy that you cannot have canned press release pictures from a White House. You have to let the reporters in. The president is a big boy. He doesn’t have to answer questions if they’re shouted at him, but they wouldn’t let anyone in because of the other issue… that is the president saying he believes his predecessor someone wire tapped him during last year’s campaign.”

Hopefully, all news media outlets do the same.

Trump will undoubtedly be upset by this, but honestly — too bad. He needs to own what he’s doing, answer questions about it, and be an actual leader. Not the elusive dictator he’s appearing to become more and more each day.

Watch here:

Featured Photo by Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images — HT Raw Story