Stephen King Is BRUTALLY Making Fun Of Trump On Twitter Right Now, And It’s AMAZING

With Donald Trump’s intensely bizarre and crazy tweetstorm Saturday morning, it left Twitter buzzing with a general sense of “wtf” and jokes regarding how unhinged the *president appears to be.

One person who couldn’t let this moment go by without thoroughly making fun of it is none other than the legendary author Stephen King.

King took to Twitter with a string of tweets that brutally trolled Trump and he may still not yet be done. Let’s face it, Trump’s tweets Saturday morning deserve all the mockery they can get.

King tweeted out:

“Not only did Obama tap Trump’s phones, he stole the strawberry ice cream out of the mess locker.”

“Obama tapped Trump’s phones IN PERSON! Went in wearing a Con Ed coverall. Michelle stood guard while O spliced the lines. SAD!”

“Trump should know OBAMA NEVER LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE! He’s in the closet! HE HAS SCISSORS! “

King is clearly making fun of Trump’s apparent paranoia. Paranoia that may be because the man is likely guilty of colluding with Russia to help him win the election. The fact that there may have been an order to tap into his lines shows that there was a just reason to do so.

Well played, King.

Featured Photo by Larry French/Getty Images