Trump’s LOST HIS DAMN MIND Making RIDICULOUS Demand Of Pelosi; Her Response Is Perfect (TWEETS)

If you’re not paying attention to Donald Trump on Twitter at the moment, you are missing out on witnessing a truly unhinged individual playing a classic game of projection.

With allegations and proof being revealed day after day regarding Trump and his administration’s ties to Russia, especially throughout the course of his campaign and the years prior, Trump is left to do the only thing he appears to know how to do — deflect and blame others of doing exactly what he is doing.

Earlier in the day Trump tweeted an image of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer grabbing a donut with Vladimir Putin,

Schumer did nothing wrong, and unlike Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he didn’t commit perjury surrounding this event.

Schumer even tweeted back:

Which is far more transparent than Trump has ever been.

Trump, clearly upset that people aren’t reacting to this revelation that Schumer and Putin grabbed a Krispy Kreme together then decided to try and throw Nancy Pelosi under the bus in the same regard.

He said:

“I hereby demand a second investigation, after Schumer, of Pelosi for her close ties to Russia, and lying about it.”

However, here’s the thing, she also wasn’t under oath trying to be confirmed as the utmost authority of law and order in the nation.

Pelosi shortly thereafter responded with that exact point:

Meanwhile, Trump, Sessions, Flynn, Kushner, and all the rest of those who have been implicated as being in contact with Russia that would be a devastating blow to Trump and his administration.

Trump is merely trying to shift focus, but in the mean time, he’s making himself look guilty as hell.

Featured Photo by Mario Tama, Win McNamee/Getty Images